About us & how we got to where we are today 


Hey all and welcome our website & Travel blog. Amanda and Kraig here, Photographers and travellers. So to start with let us explain how our story began! We met in University studying photography and loved the idea of travel; little did we know at the time, a few years down the line our adventure around the world would begin! Our escapades started on a smaller scale, exploring our homeland of England and into Scotland, shortly followed by trips around Europe fueled buy the performance of Ludovico Einaudi who had a concert in a tiny town in Germany. This inspired us to plan a trip to various towns and incorporate his concert into our tour. This is what really gave us the travel bug, we spent a couple of years saving for ‘the big one’ which is currently in action! So far between us since we met 6 years ago we have travelled 4 continents and 19 countries with plenty more on the list.

Its not all been play though we try to incorporate ourselves into the places we travel spend a bit longer explore deeper and get to know the area. We have lived in Australia for two years while travelling to take in the culture, work and save for our ongoing mission to India, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Iceland. Australia has been a bit of a whirlwind on a two year working visa including brute farm work for 5 months picking fruit, weeding onions and picking pumpkins by hand as well as a trip back to England for Christmas. We’ve had various roles in the photography industry while in Australia and lived in two cities for over 6 months a time, Adelaide and Melbourne. We also lived on the road in our perfect little campervan, Maurice. Maurice will wait for us while we travel around Asia and Europe before we return to travel Australia before we head over to New Zealand to arrange various travel workshops and and expand our business.




I’ve always had a passion for photography, my first memory of a dream job I wanted was a Travel Brochure Photographer, and I haven’t gone completely off course of that!

I love adventure, animals and the great outdoors. I can’t get enough of camping and touring the planet, there’s always an onward plan in action for our next adventure, no matter where we are or what were doing, I cant get enough!

As a Landscape photographer, it is important to me that my work conveys a story, not just for you guys but for myself. I aim to capture a moment and preserve it; all of my landscapes serve as a reminder to me of a time and place I travelled.

Favorite location:

Mt Huashan, China





I’m a man with little patience, honestly sometimes its annoying. I find myself going from one thing to another, but travel hits home. I love to see the world, to dive in and take chances and most importantly make memories. With a world of possibilities there’s no chance of getting bored.

I want to be as far away from the 9-5 as I can get physically and mentally, I understand the importance of it, to get money but I plan to go out in life as I come in, eyes full of wonder and nothing to my name. Spend a little save a lot then splurge it all on a adventure. Because life’s about story’s, moments and wonder.

I’m a photographer, who has a love hate relationship with his camera. A drone pilot and a pain in the ass (according to Amanda of course!)

A quote that got my attention

“Holding on to anger is like grasping hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else: you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddhaghosa

Favorite location:

Scotland, my first true love. Makes me want to paint my face half blue and scream at people. From the valleys to the accent; My home away from home.




A change in photography in the IPhone Era

Everyone now has a camera on them almost all of the time with rapidly growing technology and readily available high quality cameras. This can sometimes have a negative effect on photography, as you will find that many people will take photographs of everything, happy snapping whatever they see.

This quick fire photography method can destroy photography as it should be. The ever increasing amount of photographs expanding on social media and share websites floods us on a daily basis and sometimes clouds the beauty around as with a blockade of images which just don’t capture that special moment. Multiple photographs of the same scene, taken at a less than perfect time of day in the inadequate conditions and in unsuited camera settings. Our aim is to produce landscape photographs that fight this trend, to have meaning, to have atmosphere, and drama alongside our editorial photos with quicker snaps like those readily available but with a story of how to go there or partake in the adventure yourself.