Maurice went with us all over Australia, travelling over 30,000KM. (17,ooo just as a starting point for a few basic POI’s!) He was also our home.

At the start of our journey in Australia in 2014, we landed in Adelaide on the 22nd of October. By the 26th, we had found Maurice. We initially had a backpackers hostel booked up for the first week of Australia, but we found Maurice and couldn’t help but get all giggly and caught up in his awesomeness. So, we cleaned him up, loaded our two suitcases and we were away.

At the end of the first week, we had made our way to Renmark, South Australia and started our new jobs as fruit pickers aiding us to stay that extra year in Australia. We picked oranges primarily, before the season at our farm ended and we went on to weed Rhy grass by hand in an onion plantation. Alas, this was a one week job as we cleared the field of problematic grasses and went on to pick almonds before moving on to our final farm which had an abundance of work for us. We lived in Maurice durning our time on the farm spending the days picking apricots and dipping in the Murray river at the end of our ten hour shifts.

When the time came to part, Maurice took us to Melbourne where we lived and worked as photographers. We stayed in melbourne for one year before travelling with Maurice back to Adelaide. Another year came and went and it was soon time for the working visa to come to an end. We wisely left the country and stored Maurice with a friend for 8 months while we travelled the world before returning to his open doors! We entered once again on a tourist visa to see all of the beauties that Australia holds, picking up Maurice from his hideaway in Perth.

We travelled through the pinnacles, Karijini national park, across the red sands and up to the heats of Darwin summer blitz. Maurice soldiered on through the scorching temperatures taking us through Katherine and eventually through the humid tablelands, Brisbane and Sydney. He waited for us when we left for a trip to Morton Island and various cruses out to the Great Barrier Reef.  We delved into the Snowy Mountains, the Blue Mountains and of course lets not forget the Grampians.. Maurice was the star of the show, our pop top superstar and hour home.






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