Where to book your next hotel or hostel abroad

There are many places out there to book a hotel or hostel so it can all get very confusing. However, there are good reasons to book with some of my favorites we have outlined them below to help you get your next trip in action! Most companies nowadays offer perks so that you will use them again and again, so its important to know about them and if they will be suitable for you and your travel needs.


Booking.com is one of my favorites as the have such a wide selection of hotels and hostels of over 1.4 Million. Since 2016 they have started to offer different levels of membership and those listed as frequent traveller get access to 10% discounts on their bookings and genius perks. Often you pay when you stay and your card details are kept on the website as a backup for if you do not show up on the day. There are plenty of reviews on the website which are very helpful but sometimes to be taken lightly!

Hotels.com shows hotels from all parts of the world. They have less than their competitor booking.com who include slightly more rugged, less vetted options for a lower price as well as hostels. Hotels.com allows you to pay in any currency online in advance, so its easier when visiting many countries so you are not carrying loads of cash or getting conversion fees. When you stay at a hotel, you earn rewards nights. Once you reach 10 you are awarded one free nights stay to the value of the average cost of your ten stays.

The new kid on the block is Trivago. Actually, it was founded back in 2005, many years after Booking.com in 1996. Its not really a booking site as such but allows you to search all of the other booking sites and compares the prices for the same dates and types of room in the hotels you like or just the area you are interested in.


Another side note is to always check out trip advisor when booking hotels, just to make sure you are happy. Strangely one of the main things we used this for in China was to find out if the beds were hard or soft, something you will only understand if you’ve ever tried to sleep in a bed in China! You can find out why the beds are so hard in china here on Quora.

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