Photobook review of Saal Digital

Looking for a new photo book printer, heres why you should  check out Saal Digital.


After product testing Saals Alu Dibond I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of their books, too.

I don’t often need to create books for my clients, but they are still a great way to show off my work to people so they can see exactly what I do or get new people interested in my work. So of course, the quality is very important, as it needs to reflect on what I produce and also upon myself as an artist.

I used Saal Digital’s simple and easy software to make the book. What I was really impressed with was how the software linked back to the internet to produce pricing and finalise the sale within the software. I could choose what style book I wanted and all the up to date pricing and offers were neatly displayed for me. I chose my book style and was able to easily design my book.

I added extra pages to my book so it was exactly what I needed for my Iceland portfolio I had in mind following a recent trip. I could choose between a luster or a gloss finish, gloss of which added a little extra to the final cost. Saal also has the option to include a gift box with the product, although on this occasion it was not something I needed.

Once I had finished designing, I was able to then sit back and let the software upload all the large files to the Internet. Once this was done, I received an email informing me that the book order had been placed.

The book took less than a week to arrive. I signed for the parcel via DHL and got to see the final book.

front and back covers

The verdict

I was really pleased with the final outcome, the quality of the book is really impressive and the pages nice and thick. The photos really pop and are true to life of those on my screen. I designed my book in a way that showed images across two pages, which worked pretty well. The book lays relatively flat compared to others I have tried, but not completely lay flat. There are no awful logos on the back, just a small QR code, when I say small- I mean small! You can also opt to have this removed if you like for a little extra. (The marks here are chunks of ice on the photo not substance on the pages)


QR code on inner back and back cover


If I were to order the same product again I would probably go for the luster matt finish, so that the pages look nice and flush on the inner covers.

I would definitely use this product to showcase my work, if your interested in making your own you can currently get £15 off by going here 

Thanks Saal Digital!


inside cover







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