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Booking flights can be a mighty task in its self when planning your next adventure, whether you are just going for a week or planning to go off the grid for a number of years. We have taken over 60 flights since we started travelling so we have really had to shop around for the best deals. We ALWAYS check airlines direct when we use various search platforms, if the prices match we will go direct, but sometimes the best deals can be found using the search methods below. We found once that an Emirates flight on SkyScanner which we purchased came up as $400 AUD compared to through Emirates directly offering the same flight for nearer $800 AUD! Similarly AirAsia often shows up slightly different in cost on SkyScanner to the website directly.





Simply through years of habit, one of the first places I turn to to look for flights is usually sky scanner. The app is happily sitting there on my phone so I can check daily for any deals. Flight prices can change drastically, like with our flight we just booked from London to Perth with SingaporeAirlines for just £330 each with 30KGs of luggage, that’s less than a third of the regular price. Usually I will check Sky scanner (basically a flight search engine) and try to book directly with the airline, but sometimes the prices can be less in each case so its good to check both! What I like about sky scanner is if you don’t really know where you want to go you can see the cheapest flights on the day you wish to travel from a set location and pick wherever has good deals.



Kayak is a similar search engine-e type platform. This is good to look at price change patterns though and decide when would be a good time to book. It doesn’t always go in your favor though! Kayak also offers flight + hotel holidays which can simplify any booking complications but save money compared to package holidays.



If traveling in China? One of our best places to look for flights is Ctrip. You can also book trains with the correct documentation. The prices on Ctrip are pretty good, I have booked with them direct many times, although one thing to note is they have on a few occasions modified our flight dates and times.


Another good resource is Momondo I have not used this personally to book a flight but you can set a budget and the type of destination you would like to visit and see where it takes you!!


Need help of where to find hotels? check out this post explaining where we look and all the special deals and rewards you can collect. For other travel advice visit this page from the menu.


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