Transport In Bangalore, India

Bangalore is in the process of fast catching up with Delhi’s world class metro, with the expanse and new lines due to be completed by 2019, but what is the public transport scene like now for visitors of Bangalore?


Arriving in Bangalore by Plane

When you arrive in Bangalore it can be very confusing to find a method of catching public transport, although online you will find various reports of public transport it may be quite hard to locate or understand these. Opting for a Taxi can be expensive, and quite frankly you have to be very careful as a tourist. Although the Taxi rank is outside the airport with a queue which we joined, once approaching cabs with a map we had many try to send us to the fake cabs after speaking English fluently then pretending they could not. When we eventually did get a real airport cab, labeled ‘Airport Taxi’ on the side ours took a massive detour made us pay the toll road which s currently in debate as to if passengers should pay for 120 Rupee and then at the end of the journey once Kraig was out of the car I saw the meter on 1001, by the time I was out Kraig was already handing over cash, and at a 300 Rupee Self tip by the driver without his knowledge. It is not required or expected to tip Taxi drivers or Tuk Tuk drivers in India, but it is in restaurants and for bellboys. Here’s some info on the official website so you can work out what your fair should cost you



The metro currently consists of two lines, the purple line and the green line. You can buy a token at the station after going through a quick bag scan, we were unable to change lines at the transit station between the two lines, and were required to take a bus. A journey costs around 15 rupee dependent on where to one way. The trains are comparable to those in London with English station announcements. For more details on the improvements to the metro check out this website and this one here


Local Buses

Local busses can be hard to catch unless at a large depot, many run across the city. The stations are marked on open source maps, but the busses themselves do not have numbers (if your lucky enough to find someone who can tell you which one you need!) there also hard to get to stop, as we witnessed one local woman trying to get on and the bus driving off then stopping and barely letting her get a leg on before pulling away again. When we saw our number bus hailing it did not work and it drived straight past us. The trick really is you have to run through traffic like a maniac crossing your fingers you make it out in one piece!


Tuk Tuk

Ok now don’t be afraid to haggle with a Tuk Tuk driver as with cabs the price always starts high except you cannot attempt to get these guys to use a meter if it does not exist! In Bangalore these carriages are bright yellow and everywhere – and you will be delighted to know its a requirement for them to use the meter in Bangalore! You will not get this treatment in other areas of India though so enjoy it while you can! You can expect to have to bargain your ride in most of Asia, check out our post on how to haggle a TukTuk here



Uber and Uber pool can be a good way of a guaranteed fare price, we got one from our hotel at Urs Regency to KR market for the fort, palace and market for the day. You can download the App on the AppStore, however you will need a sim card to use it as it requires a phone number. Now I’m sure if you’ve researched India you will know just how hard it can be to get a Sim Card, but do not fear! We are here to help with your dilemma! Just click here if you would like to know more for our blog post on that, problem solved!






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