10 things not to miss in Bangalore (Bengaluru)


Ride the Metro

Although the metro is not get complete, there are still some areas you can visit by metro. Its a fun way to travel and experience the city like a local.

Metro Map
Metro Map

Try the street food

With a large middle working class in Bangalore there are plenty of street food vendors operating for locals finishing work for the day, the street food here is AMAZING! Just remember only eat at busy places where all the locals eat to avoid getting sick.

Visit Cubbon park

Cubbon park is a nice place for an afternoon stroll. Its fairly large, but not what you would expect in India. Theres plenty of places to sit and no one will hassle you here, a great escape if your still getting used to Indian culture.

Cuban Park
Cubbon Park

Vidhana Souldha

Vidhana Souldha houses the legislative chambers of the state government. It is open weekdays only, and is lit up beautifully of an evening.

Catch a local bus

Catch a local bus and people watch (as they watch you!) Similarly to catching the metro its a great way to experience the culture of Bangalore, but this one might not be so easy! Getting a bus from a depot is probably the best way to start. Here you are more likely to be able to get on one. you will find catching a bus from a stop might prove more difficult as they don’t actually fully stop for you to get on in most cases! The bus is cheap and allows you to wave at happy children out of the window as you whiz past.

Go to the city market

Krishnarajendra market also known as KR market has the true hustle and bustle of local life in India. If you are not travelling outside of Bangalore you cannot miss this!

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore palace is a beautiful structure in the heart of Bangalore. This palace  attracts tourists in large numbers and is also a preferred destination for important events and cultural programs.

Watch the rush hour and sunset over the city

look for somewhere high up to watch the hustle and bustle; a MTR bridge, a cafe – its well worth seeing!

Visit a Saree sale

The locals go CRAZY for a good Saree sale, when the prices are as low as 150IR they can’t wait to grab some! If your lucky enough to see one in Bangalore, you will find the attendees sifting through fabrics and snatching bunches as they are released at intervals into the crowds.

Try the local sweet Jalebi from a local vendor

sweet shops are in abundance in Bangalore, but you can also pick up other deserts alongside your South Indian Thali. Jalebi is a sort of solid sugar honey tasting sweet shaped like a pretzel. Want to know how they make Jalebi? click here



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