4 WAYS TO SAVELets face it we all go on holiday for the luxury and to experience something different to the regular everyday, but what if there was a few smart and easy tips in which to make the most out of your money? Simple everyday tips that would save you the hard earned money in your pockets.

  1. Don’t eat near the tourist zones or sites. We have come to realise that as soon as you enter a tourist zone the prices inflate and the quality and authenticity of the place goes down. A simple way of saving some money is to avoid the multi lingual restaurants, I’m talking about those restaurants that have multiple language menus. Nothing says tourist trap like catering for everyone and not the locals! Live outside of the box and try new things, not only will you be closer with the locals and eat what they eat, but you will save a small fortune in the long run.
  2. Haggle and barter, sometimes its worth while being a little cheeky, more often than not the first price is four times the price offered for a local!
    locals in the market
    locals in the market
  1. Booking flights – shop around, don’t stick to the providers of your continent. Be smart and look a various providers, as well as comparison sites. We have found that once you add in the bag surcharges seat surcharge and worst of all the transaction charge, others can be lower. for instance we have flown withAir Asia countless times. We manage to save a little when booking our tickets online and using our Australian debit cards rather then our English because the fees are less using BPay. Sales come about often and we have missed some major deals and savings by simply being cautious and booking early. We have not had a experience where we didn’t book and couldn’t get on the plane or get to a destination we wanted. These deals don’t come out days before you travel, a month or two before hand is adequate and you can really make some massive savings. Another factor here is not only being clever with your money but with your time. So your saving a bunch for a trip by having a stopover in Moscow for 5 hours.  Sometimes you have to be time savvy, the stress panic and that feeling of being so tired you cant enjoy the evening or first day of a holiday isn’t worth that extra few pounds or dollars.

  1. Take local transport, now we know this might be difficult, a little research into where you want to go and how to get there prior to getting to the location is rather a straight forward, ask the locals or hotel reception.
  1. Wash your own clothes. In modern hotels they will always offer a washing service, its never cheap and always adds a mighty sum to your expenditures. Simply buy a washing soap from any supermarket or shop whether on location or before you leave. Yes its boring yes it wont feel like a holiday for those 1o minutes a day or so, but the money saved can go towards those little luxuries you want.



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