Travelling across South Australia in our campervan our aim tonight was photographing the Milky Way


We planned our visit to Murphys Haystacks South Australia in line with both weather forecasts and the moon phase to ensure we got clear, dark skies. We arrived before sundown and shot the sunset, after cooking a meal in Maurice. Sunset was rather plain, as there were no clouds as we wanted. The sky darkened and at around 9pm we headed out, before the clouds were due to roll in. I used my Canon 5D Mk 3 along with the Canon 16-35. Kraig used his 15-30 Tamron. The entry fee was $2 plus $5 for a pot of last Honey (if your crossing into WA beware the boarder control will take it from you!!) The direction of the milky way did however affect the angle of our photos, but this couldn’t be helped due to the clouds forming later on, and the time of year.

This shot is a pano using a torch to create a figure silhouette while i stood still in the frame to get the shot.

Stitched Panorama

Murphy’s Haystacks by day.



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