The Plank-walk is rumoured to be the most dangerous hike in the world, if you want adventure

this is the place to go! 


One of the main reasons we decided to go to Xi’an was because of one mountain with a plank

road, a plank road consisting bits of wood hammered to the side of a mountain hanging over

a cliff edge 5,000 feet up, two planks wide, held on by a tiny safety harness. This was then

made more intense when we saw that people were going up and down at the same time. At

points you had to unclip yourself and lean into the canyon and allow people to go underneath

you or behind you.



Parts of the trail are composed of iron rods protruding from the mountain,

small cut outs in the rock for your feet or chains for gripping to the mountain side.

The mountain range itself consists of five peaks; we made a day of it and didn’t take camera

bags to get the best experience from the hike, without all the weight. Across all five peaks

there are very steep drops, narrow stairs, vertical passes up and down in addition to chainlined


We opted for the Cable car to the top which was very expensive at

¥140pp but necessary to avoid a 6 hour hike before your 6-8 more hours once at the top

between peaks.


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