Campervan essentials guide

Ok, so you’re planning to buy a campervan, but what do you need to make a campervan a home? How will you name it? And what will make your lives easier? All will be revealed! The thing we love most about having our campervan, Maurice, aptly named because of his dashing Moustache, is the convenience. Unlike staying in hostels or hotels you have your freedom and your own space, there are no time frames to get ‘home’, you are already there. We love being able to hide out in a rainstorm and sit at the table to update the blog. Simply put, we love campervan life. There is nothing quite like it (I know caravanners love their vans) for us a campervan is the perfect size and space for us to be able to get around without the worry on narrow lanes, height restrictions or even ferry crossings. There are a few river crossings throughout Australia where there are no bridges, Maurice can slide straight on those easily like any other vehicle.


So, without further delay, we bring to you our….




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