Sending post home.
For a good while in china we were trying to send items back to the UK. We found this quite difficult and were often turned away. When we finally did get to send things home we were shocked by the price. For a small parcel of around 1.2kg we were quoted 240¥ or £25 for a parcel containing a grand value of around £5 in gifts. We were very shocked by this. At the time we selected an airmail tick box, thinking nothing of it, later we discovered surface mail would have been much cheaper and sent by sea air or land, whichever means possible. The surface mail takes much longer to get there of corse! So one parcel followed us to thailand (a different story) where we ended up posting 5kgs of stuff including our backpacks back to the UK for £50. (Will it get there?!!!) we shall soon see… 1 month to go till it’s arrival date!

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