We were unsure if we would have time to fit Dali in on our plan, as we were running short on time, but we managed to squeeze it in right before kunming which was the end of our trip in china. Dali is also an ancient town with little markets like lijiang had.

We arrived by train and spent a while trying to get a cab driver to take us to the hotel using his taxi meter and not bargaining. Eventually a nice driver took us there. The hotel (MTB Inn) was absolutely stunning. It was a distance away from the main town, set in corn fields. We had a panoramic window where we could watch the sunset. On arrival the staff cocked us a meal for next to nothing which was very tasty. It was nice to have some time to relax!

There were a few things that we were interested in Dali for, the first day after catching a train here was to have a look around the city. We walked for miles, while locals tried to sell us every tour under the sun. River boat rides, dancing shows, light shows, theatre and movies. One man seemed so friendly at first talking to us till we realised he was just trying to sell us a tour. We arrived at the old town by catching a bus for 2¥ and another bus would take you to the city where the pagodas could be found.

We saw the famous pagodas in the centre of town (but neons are not our thing at all!)

We also rented a tandem bike on our second day. This was much harder work than we expected! We cycled 27km! We only just made a 6pm deadline to get the bike back, we rode along the lake and through tiny villages, or say a couple of houses and rice fields.


Day three we opted for an electric scooter, we are still not allowed petrol bikes as still in the yunnan province, much easier! Or so we thought! We reached close to where we got on pedal power and had to turn back. Disaster struck on,y miles from home when the bike grinder to a halt… Only when kraigs bum was on it mind, I could still ride at super speed! Lol bike didn’t have the power to get us both home! We rolled in to a garage plugged in the power lead and waited for an hour, before slowly rolling off and just getting the bike back in time…. 😀 we do like to push it to the last minute!

Electric bike day (and kraigs comical looking glasses…didn’t use paint to put them on after believe it or not!)


The pretty bike

MTB inn room view

Sunset close to the hotel of a Tibetan style home

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