A lot has happened since our blog post of fenghuang, ancient town. from fenghuang we went on to Pinang (longshen rice terraces, which the weather again didn’t do wonders for us but we very much enjoyed.

On our day of arrival we dragged our backpacks and camera packs up a massive mountain after the man at our hotel telling us the hotel was up and over the mountain. We had 20kgs on our backs and about 15 on the front. Mountain full of winding and uneven steps!! 45mins later and we was near the top with no sign of our hotel we were exhausted and came to a different hotel. After trying to communicate to the owners who didn’t speak English they called our place… This is when we discovered the hotel was at the bottom… The reviews were directions from another side of the village-gutted… Back down we went.

Later that evening it was back up the hill. We arrived at the top and were unaware of the events of which were about to unfold. The town has its own.festival which celebrates the start of planting of the rice terraces. We had climbed a mountain of winding pathways and stairs to reach the top, and took a break at the top. At 6:30 the locals started lining the pools of water with thousands of tealight candles. The terraces stretch as far as the eye can see! As it got darker more locals began accumulating at the top of the mountain in the tiny little village… We knew something must be going on but didnt know what. We set up our tripods to photograph the sun going down and the tea lights, after some time the sky miraculously lit up with fireworks- the show was unexpected and amazing!


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