We wanted to visit Fenghuang due to the ‘traditional’ side of china, the wood, the old style buildings and the little river boats. All of which were there but were overwhelmed by neon lights, bars and the smell of sick from the night before, we read the reviews online about how the town has tried to keep up with the times and has became rather touristy. Old women trying to sell flower rings and roses whilst not letting you walk by or following you shouting.

There’s more karaoke bars then food outlets, more bars then anything else. It still was a wonderful experience to wander around and take in the sights.

The fees however would have been more of a hindrance then anything. It worked out 150 Yuan each, each day, but because we were English and no one spoke the language they simply let you in.

We walked into the town one morning for sunrise around 5am and heard fire crackers go off and then a loud band playing and the next minute in the background people crying. It was a funeral, we had walked past the group of people the night before the tables sprawled with food and card games the loud music and now at 5 am they carry the coffin through the street.

We must of tried over 5 nights about 20 times to get what we felt was a decent picture to capture the type of town we were in, but we arrived at a time that had torrential rain, we carried our camera gear through downpours covered in waterproof covers and then again in our ponchos. Water still getting through..




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