The type of places you’re told not to eat, the dingy little side stalls that wouldn’t look out of place in a scrap yard, cook the most incredible food. As long as we remember what people have told us and eat the fresh and the food items we see coming out of the oil. It was such a massive difference, we of course didn’t no what we was consuming, it was guess work most of the time, but nothing terrifying or horrible as you might expect and for the price it was a bargain.

We have only eaten out in a Chinese restaurant once, the hounding and calling into the restaurants really make you not want to eat there. The one time we did it was a interesting experience. The bill was just over 130 Yuan for two dishes sweet and sour pork, and peanut pork which was literally pork with hundreds Of whole peanuts. Two bottles of coke and a two sides, rice and shredded potato (lightly cooked potato fries) the price in English is around £13 for one meal, the reason I’m going into depth and breakdown is because at the street stall you expect to pay less correct? Not 99% less though surely! Every item we tried was 1 Yuan, 10p and amazing.

Bread in sesame oil and chicken and potato balls, spicy fritters and a weird gooey centered ball thing all were like nothing you can get back home. The best thing we tried were steamed dumpling which I thought would be prawn but turned out to be pork and had such depth and flavor. At 5 Yuan a bargain. Sometimes it’s best to ignore the warnings and try something different.


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