Slurp slurp slap slap mmmmmmmm noodle

Walking around the centre of Guangzhou it was surprising to see how all the various shops are grouped together, you walk past a few dozen metal shops, then a few dozen dried fish shops. It’s surprising how any of them can make a living when in such close proximity to each other.

It’s strange to be out listening to thunderstorms without any rain, you can literally feel the air getting stuffy before the rain. In moments everything is soaked to the core.

Purchasing a umbrella was probably the second best decision of this trip, behind the pull along trolleys we brought in Shenzhen. Considering its 98% humidity and over 30 degrees even in the rain it makes any physical effort that much harder and energy consuming.

Ended up walking down some back alleys which we thought was a safe idea as long as the 12 yer old girl in front was with us. She soon I disappeared into a dark and dangy door way leaving us to fend of the possible dangers with nothing but a 50 yuan collapsible umbrella.

Tuesday travel day Guangzhou -Hangzhou
Beggars are strange in Guangzhou, they tap your handbag for money whenever you stop for a breather till you are forced to move on in which case they sometimes follow you for a while. This has happened quite a lot in china and can sometimes be quite threatening, even at the airports or getting out of different taxies. You can’t do anything for them as you don’t know what they would do if you got out a purse or wallet.

Walked with our backpack trolleys to a park with lakes and walkways, and miniature frogs jumping around that were about as big as my thumb nail! Before getting some ice cream while the rain poured down, we got our cab early, as we were unsure how it would work at the airport as we couldn’t print or do anything online to get info on the flight to Hangzhou, but so far while at the airport everything seems to be going smoothly…. Just don’t pack your slow loris in your hand luggage through customs.

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