After a rather early celebration of how easy the flight would be it turned out it wasn’t, gate changes and delays, a bumpy flight but all in all we landed safe and sound and couldn’t wait to get to our hotel. Which again the Chinese was not actual Chinese. The taxi driver assured us he knew were then requested again to see the iPad with the address, worryingly the hour or so taxi ride through darkness and hills finally got us to our hotel, no record of our booking and no one on reception who could speak English.

Hangzhou West lakes, what a beautiful place, we decided to set off today with no camera gear to walk around. We started of by wandering into a restaurant, for breakfast which was very western but served nice looking food at a good price, good times when what you order turns out to be tasty and doesn’t misguide you in to a false sense of security before revealing it self to be a runny egg in a sugar coating. Don’t ask but never again.

We walked through numerous pathways surrounded by bamboo and old trees, clean and we’ll looked after, it’s the type of place you expect to see in old Chinese movies. The lake itself is vast, it would take a person a day or so to walk the circumference. So we decided it best to do it in stages, we stumbled upon a tea field. We will make a appearance their again in hope of seeing the traditional hats and Chinese dressed women picking the tea.

Four bottles of popular fizz such as coke, two bottles of water and a packet of custard buns, marshmallows and crackers. 32yuan. Around £3 it’s remarkable how cheap everything here is compared to back home. We have been finding ourselves craving sugar to sustain the amount of distance we are doing everyday and the heat.

Seeing a small Chinese women rowing a large passenger boat across the water, without even building a sweat is unreal, today it’s been 30 degrees and beautiful sunshine.

We managed to find hangzhou nursery gardens. Which would rival any of London’s, areas covering waterfalls and orchids, to a bonsai garden that has so many different types of mini trees anyone could hope to imagine. The day is starting to wind down a bit so the temperature is dropping which is welcomed. Heading back to the hotel is a rather long trek, luckily Amanda downloaded a app which shows the direction you are going in to give us some rough guide and idea in which to follow.

Our room is all wood, Japanese style futons and a welcoming natural smell. Everything is here which is needed, perhaps the shower which is made for people under 5 foot is a down side but all in all I hope the beauty and the excitement that today brought continues on.

Would love to add images but the internet seems to be to slow to upload them.

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