Internet use is very limited and mostly blocked is China as soon as once we work it all out we will be posting more regularly J

We are currently in Guangzhou, we finished our travels in Hong Kong and Shenzen.

We had a dilemma today, the official vendor at the train station booked us train tickets (although we were at the train station today fully laden with bags), we’ve found it hard to find English speakers to help us with issues, we do have certain things pre-printed in Chinese, like destination names and dates/ days of the week, but when there is questions or something doesn’t wok out as planned its hard to communicate and create a solution.

Unfortunately because of the train tickets now being sold out for today, we can’t go to the apex corridor of stone peaks. We wouldn’t have time to get there and back on the next available train. So we will be in Guangzhou for a few days until our flight to Hangzhou.

Guangzhou is a strange place, very different to what we are used to culturally. We looked around and its quite industrial in a way, the streets are lined with shops and stools producing bolts and parts of machinery and engines, working within the shop to produce metalwork.

We have been hesitant to take out our camera bags after an incident in Hong Kong’s Plover cove. We got caught out Iin a typhoon, luckily we didn’t have our cameras on us at the time but the backpack we took got soaked through, destroying the IPhone, and loosing a lot of travel photos we had taken over the entire time in Hong Kong.

So we have had a little bit of bad luck so far but still enjoying the start of our long journey!

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