We both decided that it would be best to do a bag run a week or so before departure, weight limits and our own physical limits would come into play from the travel bags and camera bags.


Stuffing everything we owned into our backpacks revealed that we had vastly over estimated the size bags we would need, my 105 litre rucksack was almost half full with everything from clothes to the various toiletries that was needed and of course the all important weight was good just 10 kg.


Amanda’s backpack was so empty she could hide the whole entire contents section of her camera bag in her main travel backpack which she was delighted with.


So what happened on d day, 20.5 kg and 20 kg travel bags almost overflowing? Our 6 kg hand luggage now stood at 10 kg plus each. We certainly wasn’t stowing away any unneeded items, apart from Amanda and her pillows.


I think a lot of this extra weight came down to us not packing together and we will have countless duplicates of the same items upon looking. A repack will be needed in Hong Kong.


The Virgin flight from Heathrow was at 10.30 pm the idea of any 11 and a half hour flight seemed to be welcomed more when in logic we could sleep through the majority of it. We had four seats between the two of us which surely couldn’t be a bad thing? I consider my self to be a larger then average man, which meant that the seats which I thought would no doubt be snug in the first place ended up cutting off circulation to the lower part of my body, all thanks to the muffin tops I have never seemed to get away with (genetic I think, cheers guys)

Finally landed after what seemed like a eternity of screaming children and five year olds kicking the back of the chair as well as numerous foods I’m allergic to being served Up.


Stepping out into the terminal was immediately hit with the humidity. I expected there to be a certain amount of heat. But was taken back by the overall experience of it all.


3 trains and a short walk with all bags was enough for both of us.

So the hotel was not as we expected it to be, the door handle and lock are held on with Sellotape should of been enough warning to leave, but we have pre booked and this time sadly made a mistake this time. The room which is meant to be styled Japanese, consists of hello kitty flags and a plastic samurai sword! EEK!

German chicken sausage burger for dinner on the quick, and exploring the local area tomorrow, looking forward to a fresh new day and less bags!



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